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Spider Facts

⦁ Do you have a painful blister with two puncture marks, an angry blister or a rash? You may have been bitten by a spider! Spider bites are usually nothing to worry about, but sometimes you could be the victim of a brown recluse or black widow.
⦁ No matter where spiders are in your home, they are overwhelming and can be incredibly scary. Even if you think the spiders on your walls or floor, hanging from your ceiling or in your garage are harmless, you are better off calling a professional pest removal company like Critter Control!
⦁ Some spiders are dangerous to your family, your pets, and you, so you shouldn't attempt to control the spiders on your own. You should identify the type of spider in your home or on your property so you can be sure it is dealt with in the best way.

Is This Spider Dangerous?

The category of dangerous spiders is predominantly made up of black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. Each have unique characteristics that make them fairly easy to distinguish.
If you have an infestation of either of these dangerous spiders, you should consider calling pest services to minimize the risk of getting bitten.
⦁ The black widow spider characteristics vary depending upon gender.
⦁ Females have a red hourglass shape on the bottom of their abdomen.
⦁ Males are lighter in color and have red or pink spots on their back.
⦁ Females are about 1.5 inches long, and males are only half their size.
Brown recluse spiders are tan in color and have a dark brown violin marking on their back.
⦁ These spiders are attracted to clutter and can be found in woodpiles, inside of clothing, and inside storage areas.

Common Spiders in New Mexico

There are many New Mexico spiders that are not necessarily dangerous, but are still considered pests. There are two common types of spiders: hunter spiders and web-building spiders. Each has their own characteristics just as the dangerous spiders do. This information should be used to ensure your problem spider is not dangerous.
Hunter spiders get their name because of the way they locate their food. Types of hunter spiders like wolf spiders, jumping spiders, nursery web spiders, and crab spiders proactively hunt for their prey instead of passively waiting for it to get trapped in their web. Some of these spiders may be large enough to bite and cause swelling and pain, but pose no further danger like the black widow or brown recluse. Because of their large size, the wolf spider, for example, will alarm people and scare them away with their presence.
Orb weavers are a type of web-building spider. These webs are not like others. They build distinctive large round/circular webs. These spiders may be the most cosmetically inconvenient spiders.


⦁ Spiders may bite as a defense mechanism.
⦁ Black widows bites will cause excruciating pain.
⦁ Brown recluse bites will result in extreme pain, as well, and may cause an open sore.
⦁ The majority of spiders will build nests in isolated places and will be hard to locate until it's too late.
⦁ Web-building spiders will build nests in corners and windowsills, creating an aesthetic issue.

Spider Entry

⦁ Spiders, especially black widows, will spin their webs near the ground and in protected areas.
⦁ They can be found in boxes, under eaves, and in other undisturbed areas.
⦁ The brown recluse spiders can be found indoors in storage areas, clothing, shoes, and dark places.
⦁ Spiders will not bite humans unless they feel threatened or like they've been intruded on.


Problems with spider infestations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe can be hard to solve by an inexperience homeowner, due to their tendency to build webs in inaccessible dark places. Critter Control of New Mexico, however, will be able to completely get rid of your spider problem with solutions that are pet and family friendly.
Call 505.545.8883 in Albuquerque or 505.545.8891 in Santa Fe.