Why it’s Smart to Use an Animal Control Expert to Deal with Raccoons

April 5, 2018 No comments exist

Discovering strange, and potentially dangerous, animals are always a very upsetting sight. Wild animals are perilous to both the health and property of the human owners of the house. When you see a raccoon in your property your first instinct is to remove it yourself. However, your best bet would be to call an animal expert instead. There are many factors that play into this scenario which should compel you to call for the help of a professional animal control expert.
The first thing is that your area might have a law which speaks against the removal of wildlife animals on your own. Which is why, if you try to remove the animal on your own and something goes wrong, you might get charged with paying a hefty penalty. There a lot of precautions to be taken to remove the animal(s) from the property. These often help protect the physical health of the animal and the homeowner, and one wrong move can put either one or both of the parties in serious danger.
Though raccoons are small in stature, it should not be taken as a default that they are completely harmless. These animals have a penchant for living near or in the homes of humans due to easy access to food, which might even lead to them to set up their own homes in the attics. Once they have established themselves in your surrounding it is nearly impossible to remove them.
The reason that you need professional help is that:
1. Raccoons can be very aggressive. They are known to get very combative and violent when cornered, especially when you have a female raccoon with a litter of pups. They may even go on as to attack the children and pets of the home if they feel threatened.

2. Raccoons, and other such wildlife animals, carry with them diseases, such as rabies, which you may contract if ever bitten by them (which they will if they feel threatened or attacked). Rabies is a disease that proves to be very painful for humans and in some cases, may be fatal.
3. If you thought that the raccoon repellant that you are using to drive away these animals will work then you need to reconsider the move. The repellents such as coyote and fox urine, mothball solutions, or ammonia solutions show little to no results and may, in fact, encourage the raccoon to go rogue.

4. The reason you need to call a professional is that they know how to lure out the raccoon without having to threaten them or be attacked in the process. They know the right methods to use to coax them out of their hiding place.

5. The expert would also know where to relocate the raccoon once it has been caught, unlike the homeowners who might just leave the raccoon in a deserted place which may cause intense stress for the raccoon and can even lead to fatality. This can turn against you as this is strictly against the law to do that to a wild animal.
It is just better to leave all of these responsibilities in the hands of a professional who is trained and experienced in using human methods to coax out the animal ensuring the safety of the homeowner and the animal itself.

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