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About Pigeons

⦁ Pigeons and people have co-existed in harmony for centuries.
⦁ Pigeons are actually a species of dove referred to as a rock dove.
⦁ Pigeons originated in Africa, Europe and parts of India, but they were brought to the Americas and domesticated in the 17th century. Now you can pretty much find pigeons in any urban area across North America.
⦁ Pigeons are adapting experts, so they're frequently seen in urban areas where there is plenty of scavenge able human byproducts.
⦁ People occasionally domesticate pigeons and harness them to help with human tasks, but they're generally just considered pests.
⦁ Pigeons will keep partners for life once they have chosen a mate.

What Do Pigeons Look Like?

⦁ Usually light gray with a white posterior
⦁ Pigeons can also be tan, white, or black
⦁ Have double black stripes on their wing feathers
⦁ Black band on their tail feathers
⦁ Iridescent neck feathers
⦁ Bright orange feet

Where Do Pigeons Live & Nest?

⦁ Pigeons gather nest building materials like twigs, sticks, grass and other assorted foliage in urban infrastructure.
⦁ Pigeons are typically seen congregating in places like warehouses, lofts, and quiet, sheltered places like caves and bridges.
⦁ Pigeons depend on waste from human activity like trash as a food source, which naturally lends itself to living in urban environments.


Pigeon Entry

Will pigeons show up in your yard or home?
⦁ You're more likely to see pigeons in urban areas, but they will occasionally be found elsewhere.
⦁ They like to roost on rooftops and high parts of buildings because it's similar to how their wild ancestors roost.
⦁ Pigeons prefer to eat grains, seeds, garbage, livestock manure, fruit and vegetables, insects, and just about anything people will feed them! 


Do pigeons harm people or property?
⦁ Pigeons are pretty unhygienic animals, and as such, they are considered a health risk to humans.
⦁ These birds' droppings are plentiful and destructive no matter where they make their nest, and can damage buildings, park benches, statues and cars.
⦁ In addition to being visually unpleasant, these droppings are corrosive to building materials.
⦁ Pigeon feces also contains pathogens of numerous diseases, including ⦁ ornith⦁ osis, ⦁ encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, and food poisoning.
⦁ The birds can also carry fleas, lice, mites, and ticks in their feathers and they tend to eat and contaminate stores of food meant for human and livestock consumption.


Control and Safety

⦁ Because pigeons are drawn to nest where food is abundant, pigeon control must center on eliminating their food sources!
⦁ To keep pigeons from coming into parks, it is imperative that there is no food source.
⦁ Sealing trash bins, removing collections of debris, and trimming trees and shrubs will also protect against these pests.
⦁ Additionally, there are many products that help prevent pigeons from nesting on structures, including mesh netting and bird spikes.

Pigeon Trapping and Removal

Pigeons spread numerous diseases, so you will be safer if you don't interact with them in close proximity. In areas where pigeon infestations threaten the general public's health, pest control professionals should be contacted in order to handle the problem! At Critter Control of New Mexico, our professional technicians have the tools and knowledge of pigeons to effectively and safely remove the birds.
We can help you get rid of pigeon problems! Call today at 505.545.8883 in Albuquerque or 505.545.8891 in Santa Fe.