Professional Pest Control vs. Store Bought Products – Which Is Better?

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Let’s be honest. We happily spend cash on the things we enjoy or even something that can enhance our status and make the people around us somewhat envious.

All of us want to be happy and if spoiling ourselves can help that, why not?

However, what do we do when basic issues emerge? In the event that your house’s yard doesn’t look nice, you’d prefer not to have to pay to someone for landscaping but look for DIY techniques to revamp it.

This approach is fine in basic improvement and can save your money, but it’s neither safe nor useful when the issue is something as serious as a pest infestation.

Dealing with pest infestation on a DIY basis can quickly get out of hand, posing health risks and huge losses in the long run.  It doesn’t matter if the product label reads “Kills Right On Contact” or “guaranteed 1-year Control”, an OTC product can never yield the same results as a professional pest control.

Debunking the Myths: Professional Pest Control versus Store-Bought Products


Myth 1:  Over-the-counter items control pests for a year.

Although a significant number of the dynamic chemicals that experts utilize are the same as OTC items, the concentration is higher. For these items to be helpful, Pest Management Professionals (PMP) utilize numerous gallons of a liquid product on just one home. With the concentration being much higher, this makes it unmatchable with OTC products.

When the PMPs need to use so much of a highly concentrated product to deal with an infestation in a single home, how can you battle it with just a small jug?

Myth 2: Contact killers or OTC products are quicker to ‘treat the problem’

A lot of OTC pest control products users will often say, “I just went to the store and purchased a jar of XYZ product and it was way quicker and treated the ‘problem’ fully.”

Although it may appear as if the product is working quite well, these effects are generally quick to fade as the OTC products are not formulated to last. Although professional services may not always yield instant results, they will eradicate the problem completely and provide on-going and lasting pest control.

Essentially, store-bought products treat the ‘symptoms’ and not the ‘problem’, unlike professional pest control services. Another thing to consider is that the chemicals utilized by PMPs have long-lasting impacts which keep the pests from intruding again.


Myth 3: Pest control is only about spraying.

Many individuals assume that all PMPs do is dump chemicals on houses. This is in fact incorrect. Pesticide application is highly focused and regulated; the PMPs don’t simply apply chemicals but treat problem areas and search for long-haul solutions.

A procedure called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is followed which includes:

  • Setting action thresholds
  • Checking and identifying pests
  • Aversion/prevention
  • Control/disinfestation

Measure the value of a professional pest control with respect to your present circumstance. Think of all the long-term benefits you will be getting. The best of those benefits would be getting things done right! It will save you lots of trouble and hundreds of dollars. Contact Critter Control today to book an appointment for pest extermination!

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