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Ground Squirrel Facts

⦁ Ground squirrels are small burrowing creatures found all over the United States
⦁ Although there are many types of ground squirrel species, they all share very similar traits
⦁ These creatures have destructive burrowing habits than can affect crops and gardens.
⦁ Squirrels have to chew frequently to keep their tooth growth under control. This can often cause damage to various structures

What Do Ground Squirrels Look Like?

⦁ Although ground squirrels look similar to chipmunks, they generally measure about a foot long and weigh around five ounces.
⦁ Most ground squirrels are found to be shades of brown and grey with either stripes or spots along their backs.
⦁ Unlike their tree-dwelling cousins, ground squirrels typically have short, semi-bushy tails and tiny ears.
These two types of ground squirrels are most common in New Mexico:
Rock Squirrel
⦁ One of largest squirrels worldwide, they have been found to grow up to 21 inches
⦁ Front & top speckled grayish-brown coloring
⦁ Rear & bottom brownish-black tone
Least Chipmunk
⦁ Smallest species of chipmunk, ranging in size from 6.5 to 9.8 inches
⦁ Back marked with five distinctive dark brown to black stripes, separated by four white or cream-colored stripes
⦁ Orange-brown bushy tail

Where Do Ground Squirrels Live?

⦁ Although they are mostly found living in grassy areas such as prairies and meadows, ground squirrels also know to nest by riverbanks, lakeshores, and ponds where the soil moist and ideal for burrows
⦁ They often avoid buildings as they need open grassy areas to nest
⦁ Ground squirrels prefer to set up their residences on golf courses, grazing pastures, public parks, and lawns if they venture into suburban locations. These creatures typically avoid wooded areas.



Are ground squirrels known to enter homes or yards?
⦁ Ground squirrel infestations generally happen in yards, farmlands, and gardens.
⦁ Their diet usually consists of seeds and bulbs of plants, which unfavorable to farmers and gardeners.
⦁ Though they are rarely interested in entering buildings, ground squirrels are capable of making their way inside manmade structures via chimneys, broken window and door screens, vents, and other large openings.


Do ground squirrels harm people or property?
⦁ While their diet includes several harmful insects and their presence can be considered beneficial, ground squirrels still eat a variety of both cash crops and ornamental plants.
⦁ Their burrowing leaves holes in the ground that can make mowing difficult, dehydrate tree roots, and weaken the foundation of structures.
⦁ Additionally, ground squirrels can host parasitic ticks, lice, mites, and fleas.


Control and Safety

⦁ Though fences typically guard against most pests, ground squirrels can easily climb over or burrow under these materials
⦁ The cost and time requirement to effectively bait and trap these creatures is hardly favorable
⦁ Habitat modification, such as removing brush piles, is the best method of ground squirrel control, as it helps limit their hideouts and makes areas less favorable to nesting.

Trapping and Removal

The best way to control and manage ground squirrels is by contacting licensed pest professionals. Specialists eradicate populations both humanely and effectively, and find ways to keep the rodents from returning. Critter Control technicians have the tools, knowledge, and experience to trap and remove ground squirrels in a way that is safe for both the animal and any people involved.
We can help you get rid of ground squirrel problems in New Mexico. 
Call today: 505.545.8883 in Albuquerque or 505.545.8891 in Santa Fe.