new mexico wildlife removal techniciansCritter Control of New Mexico provides effective wildlife control help for wildlife animals that find their way onto your property or inside your home. We work carefully to ensure the wildlife animals are safely handled. All wildlife control services are handled with the understanding of importance on long-term solutions. Get rid of wildlife animals in the New Mexico area today!

Professional Technicians

Critter Control of New Mexico employs professional wildlife control technicians that are experienced in all wildlife control services. Our plans are long-term, safe, and proven to get the job done right the first time! Our technicians know the best way to handle the following wildlife control services — and then some!

Removing Wildlife

Using only humane and proven wildlife removal methods, Critter Control will get rid of your problem wildlife animal, while ensuing the safety of both parties. Some wildlife animals will create a colony in your home's attic, crawlspace, or chimney. Trust the professionals to work thoroughly and efficiently and remove each animal from your home.

Repairing Wildlife Damage

Wildlife animals inside the home and on your property can be quite destructive. Extensive damage can be done within 1–2 days of intrusion. Critter Control of New Mexico specializes in damage repairs and get rid of the messes left behind!

Common wildlife damage include chewed electrical wires, torn and soiled insulation, as well as damaged gardens, yards, and other landscaping.

Wildlife Prevention

Preventing wildlife animals from entering your New Mexico home is one of our top priorities! We will keep your home safe from recurring wildlife invasions by utilizing habitat modifications or installing screens, caps, and other barriers. Do not let other wildlife animals find their way into your home. Our technicians will keep the critters out!

Home Services

Critter Control will help keep your New Mexico home in ideal shape. We handle attic and insulation restoration, the removal of animal feces and carcasses, roof repairs, and so much more. Trust Critter Control for home services that go much further than wildlife control.

New Mexico Wildlife

There are many animals in New Mexico that cause problems for homeowners in the area.

The most common critters we deal with include pigeons, mice, ants, spiders, bedbugs, and rats. We have experience removing and controlling all of these animals and more.


Critter Control of New Mexico has earned the home service industry's Angie's List Super Service Award in 2016. This award reflects our consumers' reviews and overall service ratings for the entire year.

This franchise is independently licensed and operated by Eco Friendly Solutions, LLC, dba Critter Control of Albuquerque